Feature Rich

No matter what level of service you subscribe to, we automatically include every feature of the system for your convenience. Basic handset features includes call hold and waiting, call transfer, call forward, conference calling and music on hold. Some of the more advanced features of the switch include dial-in services (e.g. being able to call into the system from your mobile and dial-on at reduced rates, or being able to call into the system from your mobile and record your outbound calls), call queues, IVR menus, hunt groups, time of day routing, remote routing management, call recording, audio prompt recording, call reports etc.

Flexible Options

Not all people want to replace their existing switchboards. In this case we can offer you SIP Trunks as an alternative solution, whereby you keep your existing equipment and route your calls across our network over IP and take control of your routing through our web portal.

Unified Communications

This is an ideal solution for companies with multiple sites, remote workers and home workers. The product can be added to a site very easily, allowing you to take advantage of simple features such as free site-to-site calls. Home workers can connect a handset to the system using their own home Broadband service, although we do recommend using our own Broadband or Ethernet services for improved voice quality.


Our hosted IP solution runs across a world class carrier grade network, run and managed by experienced network specialists. Because we specialise in business telephony, all of the calls that we carry are prioritised above any other network traffic. This is critical to assuring the quality of your calls, and a reliable professional service.


Our platform is located in a number highly secure data centres. Our network connectivity is dedicated to delivering business telephony services which provides additional security and resilience. We enforce strict security policies and adopt a number of security strategies to combat IP telephony fraud.

Easy to use

We have invested heavily in making our hosted IP telephony system simple and easy to use. From our handset auto-provisioning system through to our intuitive web portal, we have kept simplicity a key priority. Our call management tools are all very simple and easy to understand, allowing you to take immediately control of your inbound and outbound communications. The handsets we recommend are plug and play and our reporting tools are comprehensive and detailed, allowing you to drive more value from your telephony spend.